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Bring out the details of your piece with our glaze, perfect for any project!


1.  Seal the Chalk Synthesis Paint with one coat of our varnish.  Sealing first keeps the glaze more workable so you can wipe back.  Using the One Hour Enamel Paint?  Skip this step because it already has a built-in top coat!

2.  Working quickly and in small sections, apply the glaze liberally.  Be sure to get it down into the details and crevices.

3.  While the glaze is still wet, wipe off the high areas with a wet, lint free rag, leaving the glaze down in the crevices.

4.  Once the glaze is dry, seal it with one coat of Varnish or One Hour Enamel Clear.

Wise Owl Glaze

  • A deep black/gray glaze that is a versatile and dramatic choice over all colors.

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