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furniture painting 101

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Furniture Painting 101


Are you interested in painting furniture and learning how to create a finish that will last?


Join me for an in-person painting class at Musi's on Main in Tigard, OR. We will be covering all the basics of prepping and painting furniture. You bring your small piece of furniture (end table, nightstand, side table, chair, etc.) and I will provide the paint and finishes to complete it. Each project will be sealed using either Wise Owl Furniture Salve or Wise Owl Furniture Tonic. Both will provide a beautiful, buttery smoothe finish. Project pieces require approval prior to the class to ensure that you are successful.


This class great for beginners and for those with a little experience. We will work through the painting process together and learn all about the steps required to ensure that your finished piece will last for years to come.


Feel free to take notes and ask questions. I am here to help you have a wonderful experience.

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