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Harmony and balance are key in the “Sweet Composition” A1 Decoupage Paper from Redesign with Prima®! Pops of pink and red flowers contrast with serene earth tones and meandering greenery. Whether you’re working on collage, mixed media projects, or any other creative endeavor, the Sweet Composition A1 pattern will add a touch of natural beauty and artistic depth to your work. Redesign’s A1 Decoupage Paper is created with a unique printing process and sturdy paper, allowing you to create unique and personalized decor pieces. A high-quality material built on flexibility, ease of use and durability, our new Decoupage Fiber will surely give you incredible results and applications. Made of a high density, fibrous material, Decoupage Fiber is designed to be used on any surface, from furniture to walls, with a wrinkle-free surface that will provide incredible results. This tear-resistant, non-wrinkling, and ultra versatile material is compatible with most water-based mediums, and will completely blend into your surfaces without any cracking or warping. Pair with our Decoupage Gel in Matte or Shine for best results.

Sweet Composition

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